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A little more about the Owners

Before launching this dream of PaZa Wines they set-aside some extreme sports and love of extraordinary automobiles (at least for a few more years), sold the newer home in the city, bought an older farm house, and traded the Porsche for a Kubota.

After only a couple of years together they realized that they shared a passion for life and especially all things surrounding the world of wine. But, in the years before they were married and decided to dive head-first into grape farming and winemaking, they both had some very exciting life experiences.

PaZa Wines is proud to be members of the following organizations:



She's enjoyed a wonderful career with 35+ years in the retail grocery business.

She was an avid bicyclist, long-distance hiker, and snow skier for many years and has participated in numerous long distance bike races as well as multi day cross-country hikes. These extreme sports have taken her everywhere in California and across the nation.


He spent the first half of his life in the lesser known wine producing state of Oklahoma.

His first career was in the aviation industry as an engineering designer and flight test dummy. He worked his way up the ladder in the pioneering days of computer aided drafting and design.

He's spent a lot of time around fast cars, and is really not a speed freak, but more of a high-performance auto aficionado. Specifically, the focus for many years was with marquees of Porsche and Mercedes-Benz. Over the years he participated in a multitude of driving events and car racing such as One Lap of America. For 15+ years this "hobby" took him all over the United States and Europe and all he has to show for it is gobs of excellent friendships and memories of fast times!